Monday, May 2, 2011

More Fabric Fun!

I was digging through my closet, it so needs to be cleaned out, (Amy, come help me!) and ran across a “craft”, kid-sized, t-shirt  to play around with.  It actually still fit my daughter, which is amazing, considering how long it’s been in there!


I used an iron on adhesive, then sewed the buttons on top.


I love the jean flower the best!


Flower Hairclip:

I put this together the same way I made the bookmarks.


But instead of sewing ribbon on the the back, I sewed a hairclip. I was in a hurry, so it’s not pretty (on the back), but it works!


Of course, it has to have a little bling!  This butterfly came from something my daughter had that was broken.  I’ve gotten in the habit lately of holding on to those little “bits of bling”.  They sure come in handy!


Well, that’s all I’ve come up with so far.  I still have a whole tin full of fabric flowers left, but, I’ve run out of ideas. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon, and I’ll post some more.

Thanks for looking!

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