Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Don’t Want to Miss This Years Gifts Galore. I’m Sure It’s Something You’ll Adore!

Teehee, I’m a poet and didn’t know it!  Seriously, if you’ve never been to this all day crafting event, this is the year to go.  If you’ve been in the past, this is the year to attend!  We’ve re-crafted Gifts Galore, and it is way better than before.  Oops, there I go again!

Gifts Galore!

All Day Gift-Making Event

Saturday, October 2nd

9:30 am -6:00 pm

County Line Methodist Church

Here are the highlights, if you’ve never been before:

  • All day crafting.  Structured for beginners and advanced crafters.
  • Door prizes awarded almost every hour.
  • Lunch catered by Sweet Tomatoes - Perimeter.
  • Fun with friends, or a chance to make new friends!
  • Talented demonstrators at each table giving you step by step instructions for each project.
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Great ideas for creating beautiful, yet, gorgeous gifts for friends and family.  Did I mentions that they’re very affordable to re-create?
  • You will take home 4-6 amazing projects, completed and ready to give as a gift, or keep, if you just can’t part with them.
  • Instructions to re-create any or all of them.

If you’ve been in the past, here are just some of the changes you won’t want to miss:

  • Relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time to complete each project.
  • Talented demonstrators showing great techniques and new products, during breaks and when you first arrive.
  • Door prizes - we stepped it up a notch! BAM!
  • Even more displays than before, so make sure to bring a camera!
  • Extra goodies in your bag.  You might just find some of the wonderful items from the new Holiday Mini Catalog…
  • Name tag contest!  Make and wear your name tag for extra chances to win a door prize. Or win a prize for best name tag.  Or just win a prize because we’re giving out door prizes.
  • Order $40 at this event, and you’ll receive a Stampin’ Certificate towards $10 of FREE product and you could WIN a Hostess Stamp Set!
  • Chance to purchase raffle tickets for a really BIG prize!

I know I’m forgetting something, but I think you get the idea!

Financially, things are tight for everyone right now, but I want you to think of Gifts Galore as a wise investment for many reasons.  You can buy a “thing” and the thrill of it is gone in a day.  You can receive a gift from a friend, but it usually just ends up on a shelf doesn’t it? You can go out to dinner, but let’s face it, we all do that way too much and it’s really not a special treat anymore.  But, you can invest in Gifts Galore and make something “lasting”.  You make memories of a fun time with friends, or the meeting of new ones, and the memories just get better with age!  How about those memories of really messing up one of the projects?  LOL.  You can discover things about your own creativity that you never knew.  Now, don’t say you’re not creative!  We all are in one way or another.  You can learn to make gifts that when given, won’t be just another “thing” that will sit on a shelf, or end up in a garage sale (wink).  Your gifts will create a memory for yourself and someone else.  And, on the practical side, they are way cheaper to make than to buy.  Handmade gifts are a lost art.  Help me bring it back!!!

Okay, are you all jazzed up now and ready to change the world?  Then let’s go!  Head on over to our Gifts Galore blog and register* today.

You’re almost out of time to sign up and we’re almost out of spaces for you. New deadline is Tuesday, September 8th!

Grab a friend to come with you and you’ll receive a handmade gift from me!!!

If you’d like more information or convincing (heehee) just give me a call.  770-317-5809

*Remember to click on me, under the registration tab!


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