Sunday, September 5, 2010

L-inked Together Swaps & Samples

  I am so far behind posting it’s not even funny! 

Here are our swaps from last months unit meeting.  Our theme was Birthdays and we could only have 2 layers and one stamp set, I think.  The idea was to have cards that were easy to demonstrate and easy to make.

P1110894_edited-1 P1110896_edited-1 P1110899_edited-1 P1110902_edited-1 P1110904_edited-1 P1110905_edited-1 P1110906_edited-1 P1110908_edited-1 P1110909_edited-1 P1110911_edited-1 P1110912_edited-1


Here is the swap I made.  Okay, so I didn’t quite pay attention when Mandy gave us the theme and guideline.  I did only 2 layers and and one stamp set, plus a word set, and it seemed easy at the time… But I think I missed the mark.  It’s not quite as simple as the others and I totally didn’t do a birthday card.P1110887_edited-2

Here is my stepped up version.  LOL  Like the other one wasn’t complicated enough!


I was going for a vintage look and I’m not sure I achieved it.  It’s a little out of my comfort zone.

Thanks for looking!

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