Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Chance!

Today is the last day you can become a demonstrator at 15% off! 

During Sale-A-Bration, not only do you get 15 percent off the price of the Starter Kit (Standard or Digital+), you also receive a FREE stamp set (valued up to $47.95) from the current catalogs!

So, just how good of a deal is that?  We’ll let me tell you.  :0)

The starter kit is valued at more than $335.  With the free set that is a total value of more than $380 (Starter Kit - $335 + Free set - $47.95).  You get both for only $169, a savings of over $200.  No only do you get the monetary value, you also become a part of a wonderful group of women who will encourage, support and inspire you!  Whether you signup for the discount to have fun with a group of friends or build a great business, the savings are to good to pass up.  Join me today! For more details click here.

Starting tomorrow, as a demonstrator you can purchase this great card/picture display.  I know some of you have been eyeing mine!



Contact me today.  We can do it all online and get you started today.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Punch Art?

So, what is punch art and what exactly is a punch art class?  I know, that’s what a lot of you have been asking yourself!  Well, let me tell you…  :0)

Punch art has been around for a long time but seems to have really taken off recently.  Basically, it’s the “art” of creating animals, people, flowers, etc. out of various punched out shapes.  Again, you’re asking yourself… “ok, and why would I want to do that?”  The answer? Because, it’s a great way to dress up a scrapbook page or make a really cute card.  Like this one!


Created by: Mandy Grant (Bonus card)

This cute little dog was created with only punches.  No special cutting skills needed.  Just some punching and a couple of snips with your scissors.

Now, you’re probably telling yourself… “Wow, what a cute idea!  I could never figure out how to do that!”.  That’s where a fun Punch Art Class comes in handy….

At each class you will make 4 punch art pages. Each page will have a finished example, PLUS it will show each of the pieces needed to create it.  See samples below.

Class Fee: Just the cost of ANY large punch (Stampin’ Up!)you would like to add to your punch collection. I’ll provide the paper, glue, ribbon, and other accessories, free of charge. It wouldn’t make sense for me to show you how to make them if you don’t have the tools to duplicate them!

Bonus:  With the purchase of a 2nd large punch you will receive 4 cards (one for each punch art) to make along with your punch art pages.  Samples below.

RSVP: By the day before. And I will reply with a list of punches we will be using at that class. Please, bring any LABELED punches that you have, from the list, to help the class move faster!!! If you don’t have any, that’s ok.…you will before long. :)

Here are a few samples from past punch art classes.  They have been such fun to make!

BONUS CARD: Flamingo


Flamingo punch art page


Boxer punch art page



DSC_0112_edited-1   Bee punch art card




Cool Cat punch art page


All of these images have been found online from various blogs and the Stampin’ Connect website.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure who came up with them originally.

Now that you know what punch art is all about, I bet you can’t wait to make some of these cuties yourself?

Well, you’re in luck! I hold a Punch Art Class the last Friday of every month.  So, sign up today for April’s class.

If you join my Kennesaw Stamper’s group, at, you will receive reminders of this class and any others I have going on.

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unit Meeting Swaps

  I was at the unit meeting last week and got some great swaps!  Actually, I’ve been to 2 meetings since I started this blog post!  :0)  I also took a few pictures of what the other demo’s have been up too.  Check out this cute stuff…

Created by: Kim Maddox


Created by:  Linda Harris


Created By: Linda Harris


Created by: Linda Harris


Created by: Becky Thrash


Created by: Mandy Grant


Created by: Amanda Morris


Created by: Abby Biringer


Created by:  Kasey Litt


Created by: Linda Harris



Created by: Linda Harris


Created by:  Mandy Grant


Created by:  Linda Harris and winner of best swap!


Created by:  Me!


Created by: Kasey Litt


Created by: Me! Winner of best swap, last month!

P1100260_edited-1 copy

I hope you found something to inspire you.  Thanks for looking.

I’ll be posting a list of classes in the next day or so.  Keep an eye out!