Friday, February 12, 2010

Punch Art Class

Until recently I hadn’t heard the term “punch art”, and now that I know what it is, I’m hooked!  These little cuties are great for creating one of a kind cards and they are also great for adding a little pizzazz to your scrapbook page.  They are also just plain fun!

I made this one a few weeks ago.  I got the idea, ok a totally copied this cat, from LeeAnn Greff and Gail Allen. (did you catch that?  Copy cat, tee hee!)


All of this was done with punches.  Can’t you see that on the front of a card or on a scrapbook page?


If you would like to learn how to make different punch art creations, I’m starting a monthly class beginning Friday, February 26th. 

At each class we will make 4 or 5 punch art pages. Each page will have a finished example PLUS it will show each of the pieces needed to create these cute critters (see sample below).


Class Fee: is the cost of ANY large punch (Stampin’ Up!)you would like to add to your punch collection. It wouldn’t make sense for me to show you how to make them if you don’t have the tools to duplicate them!

RSVP: By the day before. And I will reply with a list of punches we will be using at that class. Please, bring any LABLED punches that you have, from the list, to help the class move faster!!! If you don’t have any, that’s ok.…you will before long :)

If you join my Kennesaw Stamper’s group, at meetup,con, you will receive reminders of this class and any others I have going on.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Thanks for looking!

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