Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Decor Elements

Ok, I have to admit, I’ve had a basic draft of this post for at least 2 months!  I started it and then kept finding other things to post.

I’ve played with the Stampin’ Up!’s Home Decor Elements off and on this year and every time I try something new, I like them more.  The hard part is tearing my self away from stamping to experiment! 

For those of you who don’t know what Decor Elements are. Let me tell you about them!  They are vinyl images that you can put on just about any smooth surface.  Walls, windows, laptops, school lockers, you name it!  Great for decorating dorms, apartments or rental homes.  You can put them directly on the wall and it won’t damage paint or wall when you remove them, and they are easy to remove!

Here are just a few things I’ve done.  I will be posting more in the future.  Hopefully not too far into the future.  Especially since my copy of My Digital Study arrives this coming Wednesday!



This is an inexpensive plate from my “favorite place” – blue and yellow building….that I put last years Decor Element, Level 1 hostess gift on.  It was a breeze!  You can wash the plate with soap and water but I wouldn’t run it through the dishwasher.  I did and part of the flower came off.  It’s great as a decorative plate, or cute snack plate, it would also make a wonderful inexpensive gift with cookies or some other treat on it.




This is a picture of my daughters head & foot board.  I found this bed frame at a garage sale for $20.  It was just a plain natural pine frame.  We painted it and then when the Decor Elements first came out I bought two different sets (butterflies & flowers) and put them on her bed.  I think it came out really cute.  It was so easy my daughter was even able to help a little.  She was 6 at the time.



As a demonstrator I’m able to buy some items in bulk to help put on classes and such.  Or in this case decorate a few things in my stamp room!  I love these Rose Red & Chocolate Chip flowers.  I separated out my Felt Fusion flowers (say that 3 times fast) and put then in bottles so they were easy to get to and visible so I wouldn’t forget to use them.  Not that I have so much stuff that I would forget…. :0)



This is a candle holder that I made for a class I was doing.  It could also be a vase.  I used the Decor Elements flowers like the ones above.  Then used some silver wire from Stampin’ UP!’s Wire Works.  Which they no longer sell,  :0( Add ribbon and Pretties beads and I had a great gift for under $3!

I have a lot more ideas for our great Decor Elements, like actually putting them on the wall!  So check back soon to see what I’ve come up with! 

To see the complete line of Home Decor Elements click the catalog on the right, toward the top of the page.

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