Thursday, August 6, 2009

Traveling to Salt Lake City for Stampin’ Up! Convention

Mandy and I traveled stand-by to SLC and got to the airport very early this morning.  We were flying stand by and able to get out on the second flight of the morning.  I had planned to work on swaps during the flight but we were one of the last to get on the plane (it was full, full, full!) and all my stuff got stowed.  But because of the craziness, we got free in flight movies so I watched Duplicity.  My husband won’t be happy, he wanted to see that one with me…..

We were able to check into our room early and get settle.  We dropped off our luggage grab our stamping supplies and headed to the lobby.  They have a great table to the side of the lobby, and we set up shop to finish all our swaps.  It was great fun!  We worked on swaps, watched other stampers start to check-in, and caught up with last years convention friends.  We haven’t seen each other since last convention but it seemed like it was only yesterday!

P1070088 copy

Mandy is on the right and Dina is on the left.  We met her 3 years ago at my first convention, hers too.  She our crazy Canadian friend! It was 5:30am and we were waiting for the doors to open.  Which they wouldn’t do for awhile, but we wanted to be first!  It’s hard to explain, it’s just something you have to experience!

P1070091 copy

It’s hard work but someone has to do it!

P1070092 copy

For dinner we headed to the Blue Iguana.  It’s hard to see in this picture but the sign is to the right and down from the Benihana sign.  It was just us and a few of our Splitcoast Stamper friends, about 30!  a fun little restaurant. 

P1070094 copy

Let’s just say the word of the evening was “Margaritas!”


After dinner we headed over to the convention center, the Salt Palace.  Convention check-in isn’t until tomorrow but it’s fun to wander the halls while it’s quiet.  Trying to sneak a peek at what’s in store for us.  We usually aren’t successful, but you can’t blame a girl for trying! 

Last year we peeked through the Memento Mall doors.  The doors were locked so we were limited to looking through the crack and then trying to figure out what we were seeing!

P1070102 copy 

We peaked through the cracks this year too but still couldn’t figure out what was in store for us.  This is such a big thing that people start lining up at 6am and the doors don’t even open until 9am!

P1070101 copy

P1070103 copy

Here is where everyone will start to line up.  I’ll have pictures tomorrow with it packed with demonstrators.

All is quiet the day before check-in.  It’s hard to believe this hall will be filled up with over 4000 women!  Who new there were so many of us that just can’t help but stamp!

P1070099 copy  

I can’t wait until tomorrow!

I’ll try and post something everyday, not that I’m trying to make you all jealous… :0)  I sure wish you were all here with me!

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  1. I am so excited for you! Love the pictures! I can't wait to see more! :)

    Shannon G.