Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stampin’ Up! Convention Day 4

Finally!  I thought I’d never get this post done.  Sorry this has taken me so long.  It’s funny how such a little thing as LIFE can get in the way. Or as my brother would say “I’m OBE!” - Overcome By Events…..

The last day of convention was so exciting!  We slept in a little (can you believe it?), and headed over to the convention center for the final day. :0( Our morning speaker packed us full of great tips, motivation to leave with, and plenty of laughter.  She was a riot!  We headed to lunch after that and took a few last minute pictures of displays and such.  Then it was back in line to get ready for the last session.  Of course, they fooled us this year and left the doors open so you could walk right in.  That totally confused us!  Some of us grabbed seats (in the front, as usual) and the rest stayed in line, just in case they kicked everyone out before the final session.  It never hurts to hedge your bets!

Here’s a couple last minute pics I snapped:

P1070478 copyDSC_0010 copy

These were displays in Memento Mall.  They are always doing something creative with paper!  Go figure.

Mandy and I had to leave convention early and head for home.  So, the tension was mounting as the day went on.  After lunch we had more idea presentations, like seasonal/holiday ideas.  Now don’t get me wrong, they were great, but I kept thinking ok, ok, move on.  We hadn’t heard a thing about the commercial contest we were entered in and were afraid we’d have to leave before they showed the winners.  On the one hand, we thought we might have a chance to win something.  On the other hand, we didn’t think we would.  “Oh, ye of little faith!”  God had our backs and everything turned out great.  Better than great!

Now, I think I forgot to tell you about “Prize Patrol”. When we checked in for convention, along with our other free stuff, we received a wrist band.  They’re all different colors and different shapes.  We keep these on us at all times!  If you lose it, you can’t replace it.  Anyway, periodically throughout the Main Stage presentations, they will do a Prize Patrol.  They flash one of the armbands up on the  big screen, and if yours matches, you win.  They play loud music, and Stampin’ Up! employees run out and pass out the prizes. Ladies are screaming, the roving camera guy is filming it all, and everyone wants to see what you got.  Now, why am I telling you this?

Well…….after they were done with the presentations, and while I’m jumping out of my skin wondering if we’ll miss the commercials, they do a coveted Prize Patrol.  And I won!

P1070494 copy

Look, this is what I got!  9 x 9 Chipboard, a stamp set, and a roll of the new wide ribbon!  Yay me!  And since we’re in the front row, and the camera guy is there, I find myself larger-than-life on the big screen, dancing up and down and showing off my wrist band!  I’m trying not to think about what that looked like…..

We’re all back in our seats, my heart is still racing, and I’m checking my watch.  It’s 2:55, and we need to leave by 3pm to make it to the airport on time.  And I’m still thinking were gonna miss it, were gonna miss it, and then they announce the contest. Whew! They add a 4th place prize since there were so many entrants. That made me even more nervous.  Up came the 4th place winner.  It was cute, but I was thinking “ours is better than that”.  Then they showed the 3rd place winner, and it was too cute.  After seeing that, I told the girl next to me that we didn’t have a chance…..

And the 2nd place winner of the Stampin’ Up Commercial Contest is………..drum roll

Mandy Grant, Amanda Morris, & Lisa Vale!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it.  I just about pee’d my pants.  Good thing I didn’t, we had to go on stage to accept our prize, a $150 Stampin’ Up! shopping spree!

5215_1200225489129_1333315514_30576933_4998224_n copy

Here is a recording of our video that someone took during the convention.  The quality isn’t very good, but it’s neat to hear everyone’s laughter as they are watching it!

We accepted our prize, hugged our friends, and headed out the door for the airport.  Other than not getting on the flight, and getting stranded in Phoenix for the next 2 days, nothing else exciting really happened!

I’ll be posting some miscellaneous pictures of displays, cards, and new product sneak peeks in the next couple of days.  So, subscribe to my blog today, or keep checking back for the latest post.

Thanks for looking!


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