Friday, August 7, 2009

Stampin’ Up! Convention - Day 1

All was quiet yesterday. Now it’s 9:30am on check-in day (I can’t believe we slept in!) and line is already huge for getting into Memento Mall!  The ladies don’t even think about checking in for their badge and bags until they’ve been through the Mall.  Lots of fun stuff to buy!  Since we slept in and the wait to get into Memento Mall is more than 2 hours, we decided to check-in first. 

From left to right is: Mandy, Lisa (me), Amanda, and Jackie

P1070107 copy

We’ve checked in and these are our bags!  It’s hard to see but they are really cute.   They always give us the best stuff!

We have the rest of the day free so we head back to the hotel lobby to make more swaps!  Ladies came by to swap as fast as we were getting them done. 

We head back over to the convention center to see if we can get into Memento Mall.  There is still a line but it has gone down quite a bit.  It probably took us 45 minutes to get through the line and then we shopped like crazy!  Of course there was also a long line to check out.  Since we had everything we wanted in our baskets we didn’t mind too much. :0)

P1070118 copy

There was lots of great stuff and I might be bringing back a little something for my hostesses.

Now we should head to bed early because we want to be in line by 5:00am!  That’s right, it’s not a misprint we get in line that early. I know it sounds crazy but it’s part of the experience.  Watching the hall fill up and the anticipation build. Screaming and waving your hands in the air when the roving camera guy comes by. Don’t worry absolutely not Kool-Aid is served.

Instead of going to bed early we caught the free transit train down to Pacific Union.  It’s a great walking mall with lots of shops and places to eat.  It only takes a couple of minutes to get there on the train.

P1070132 copy

After we get there we head straight to Tucanos Brazilian Grill.  It is the best place!  The price is great and the food is even better.  We ate here last year and now I think we’ll make it a tradition. 

This is us before dinner.  I have an after dinner picture but decided it would be best if I didn’t post it.  Let’s just say we didn’t leave hungry and leave it at that.

P1070133 copy

These were our meat servers.  We gave them a really hard time at dinner but the were great sports!  I would give you the details but “what happens at convention, stays at convention”. :0)

P1070134 copy P1070136 copy

After dinner we headed back to the hotel.  Swapped with a few ladies and then finally headed to bed.  That was at about Midnight…….

More tomorrow…..Need sleep!


  1. Ok ladies your missing "ONE photo" from the restaurant!!!!!!

  2. Yes, I know, but what happens at convention stays at convention!