Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stampin Convention - Day 2

Lets Go!

P1070175 copy

It’s convention day!  Mandy, Amanda,  Jackie, & I are up and out of the hotel by 5:15am!  Our hotel is across the street so we don’t have to go far.  Believe it our not, we’re not the first ones to arrive. You never know what time these crazy women are going to get there, in fact, Dina & Tami don’t tell anyone what time they’re going to show up, so there is no point in trying to beat’em.  I know it sounds crazy, but it’s just part of the fun of convention.

We chat, swap, and catch up from last year.

P1070138 copyP1070151 copy

On the far right is Jane, whom we met at the front of the line 3 years ago in Denver.  I also met Dina then too.  There is definitely something to be said for being first in line.  It’s where you meet all the best people!

As you can see, although we were early, there were already 10-15 women ahead of us!

P1070144 copy

Wow, what a difference an hour makes!

P1070156 copy  

I think we should start the First In Line club! :0)


Tami, Lisa, Amanda, Dina, Jackie, & Mandy

Now, it isn’t just a matter of being first in line, you also have to have a strategy.  Amanda, Mandy, Dina, & Tami always go through the door first because they’re the fastest runners, while the rest of us bring up the rear!  We all head to the front row to throw ourselves on as many seats as possible so we can all sit together.  Before you think we’re totally crazy, let me tell you there are at least 100 other women right there with us doing the same thing!

The doors open at 7:30am and we’re off! We made it to the front row and had seats for everyone.  I think it’s a toss up on who’s faster, Dina or Amanda.  They both leave me in the dust.  The session doesn’t start until 8:30, so while we’re waiting they crank up the music and everyone is either dancing by their seats, in the aisles, or anywhere there’s room.  Now you can say we’re crazy.  If you’re not dancing, you’re probably swapping.  Camera men roam the room and put us crazy women up on the big screen. It feels like you’re at a night club, except there are hardly any men!  P1070159 copy

P1070168 copy

Oooohh, are they talking stamps, ink, maybe paper?

The rest of the day is a blur of entertainment, presenters, classes, and demos of new products. Oh, and did I forget to mention, swapping cards?  Everywhere you go, in line, at lunch, or waiting for a class to start, women are swapping cards, 3d items, and stories.  It’s like hanging out all day with 3000 of your closest friends!


Convention Friends!

P1070148 copy

Me, Cherise (I’m sorry if I spelled it wrong), Trina, Stella, & Sara

Rose-Ellen, Dale Fillmore (CFO?), and the infamous Dina!


I thought this was 3 of my friends, but now I’m thinking maybe it’s Charlie’s Angels.

After a long day of excitement and fun, it was time for dinner. So, we headed to the Melting Pot for too much fun…

and too much chocolate!  Wait, there’s no such thing as “too much chocolate”…


More tomorrow!

Lisa Vale

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  1. I want to join your first in line club!
    That is me in the yellow shirt. Now everyone knows what I look like from the back. Our latenightstamper T-shirts were a hit!
    You can have one too
    Demo Only:
    sherrill graff